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Panhandle Riders Association-Membership Form

A web based form will be along soon to make membership simpler.  For now, please fill out and mail in the form.

Panhandle Riders Association Membership Application


Membership consists of new and experienced riders from the area. If you love to get out and ride and you’re looking to meet folks with similar interests, join us! Many members are addicted to the sport and make friends here just to find people to go riding with.

Meet Our Board Members

President Marty Maurer
Vice-President Richard Shellhart
E-Mail: Secretary & Director: Thomas Leo
Treasurer: Diane Maurer
Graff Moore Director: Graff Moore
Director: Marty Maurer
John Finney Right-to-Ride Coordinator: John Finney
Ride Commmittee Co-chairs
Peaches Moore
Steve Hesselink