ATV, UTV, OHV Riders

ride.schedule.buttonWhere is the 2018 Ride Schedule?

Ride leaders are sending out invitations to ride with the group via our mailing list this year. If you show up for a meeting, you can be put on the mailing list even if you don’t become a member.

Rider Notes: The ride schedules above are frequently updated. Many rides include travel on county and state roads. Riders are required to follow all local, state and federal law including but not limited to legal age, license plates, driver’s license, and insurance. The club strongly recommends helmets, first aid, food, shelter, tools and other safety equipment.

Riders, please read a follow these safety tips!

Ride Leaders: Please download our Pre-ride briefing  (updated 6/1/2016) of the items you should go over before beginning your ride. Also, you should download and have all riders fill out our attendance/liability form before each ride. Release of Liability Ride Form (4/2/2014)

Wondering what we have been up to in the past?

GPS MAPS (Members Only)


Members of our association have voluntarily recorded various trips on their GPS devices to share with other members. When you click the file names below, you’ll be asked for your user name and password to access the information. You can get a password from the club Secretary.

Do you have any GPS files to share? Please contact our secretary above and we’ll get them on the website. Also include any comments, warnings or detours that are featured in your map.

Warning: Use at your own risk! Panhandle Riders Association Inc. and its members and affiliates offer no guarantee, warranty or assurance of the accuracy, safety/risk, legal egress or ingress, or impassibility of these maps. Anyone downloading or using these maps agrees that all liability of the use of the maps is that of the user and should not be used to replace a qualified trail guide.


Examples of the GPS maps you’ll find in our Rides section

Recorded by: William Gleason . File Format: GPX
Avery 08-14-10.gpx Avery Ride out of Wallace, Idaho

Baldy 07-09-11.GPX Baldy Mountain (2011)

Baldy 07-07-12.GPX Baldy Mountain (2012)

Baldy-Schweitzer 07-06-14.GPX Baldy to Schweitzer Mountain

Clark Fork 10-08-11.GPX Clark Fork to Bunco Road

Dodge PK 08-08-10.GPX Dodge Peak Near Bonners Ferry

Hoo Doo Mt 06-16-12.GPX Hoodoo Mountain to Blanchard

MaGee 07-17-10.GPX Bunco Rd to MaGee

Night Ride Hudlow 08-07-11.GPX Bunco to Hudlow Warming Hut

Pack River 07-28-12.GPX Upper Pack River to Dodge Peak

Roman Nose 07-17-11.GPX Upper Pack River to Roman Nose Mountain

Scotchman Peak 08-18-12.GPX Clark Fork to Scotchman’s Peak and Misc. West of Lake Pend O’reille

Strong Creek 07-21-12.GPX Strong Creek Area

sundance-07_13_13.GPX Sundance Mountain Area

Hoodoo Blanchard05.28.2016.GPX – North Hoodoo to Blanchard (Plus some exploring)

talache5.28.2016.GPX – Talache

6/13/2018 Big Creek and Baldy Mtn Rd to Priest River (loop) GPX