ATV, UTV, OHV Riders

Please read and follow these off-road safety tips!

Safety is a critical part of riding, but so is common sense – both of which some people lack. So, while this is not a comprehensive list of safety tips, we feel better just knowing we’ve said it. This list may not be all inclusive of current Federal, State and Local ATV laws and should not be construed as such.  It is merely a quick reminder of how to conduct ourselves when riding.


  • Wear a helmet, eye protection, long pants and protective shoes
  • Ride with a buddy and stay on established roads and trails
  • Pull off the side of the trail or road when stopping, so others can pass safely
  • Be courteous and let faster riders go past
  • Wait at corners and intersections for other members of your riding group Close gates, and please respect private property.
  • Be courteous and respectful to other trail users.
  • Ride within your ability. If you wish to ride at a slower pace that is fine but please ride toward the rear so you do not slow everyone down.
  • Stop, look, and listen when approaching intersections or joining a traveled road
  • Ride on the far right side of roads, look around corners. Ride with a safety flag (required in some areas)
  • Ride with headlights on so others can see you better
  • Carry, water, first aid kit and other essentials
  • Leave no trash. Pack it in, and pack it out
  • Have Fun!


  • Drink alcohol and drive, ATV’s are subject to all vehicle laws including DUI
  • Ride at a speed too fast to stop for oncoming traffic.
  • Cut corners or ride on wrong side of road
  • Harass wildlife or livestock
  • Speed around campgrounds or other users
  • Do anything that makes ATV riders look bad to the public
  • Follow to close, (leave plenty of space between yourself and the vehicle ahead)

Some Things To Remember:

At intersections stop and wait for the next person. Get in the habit of stopping and turning around to wave at the person behind you and wait for them to wave back. This way our group can keep moving and no one gets lost. It only takes one person who does not wait for the next person and we spend the day looking for lost riders. If you wish to stop to take pictures or to just look around, please be courteous and pull off the side so that those behind you can continue on.

Ride Safe. If you are unsure about something stop. Someone will be happy to help you.